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Permitted property modifications in Mar Menor II
specifically the Melvin apartments


We have today, March 2011, several hundred unsold apartments and houses in Mar Menor II. This is a serious problem that affects us all. In this situation it is of outmost importance that we work closely together in making Mar Menor II the most attractive golf resort for new
buyers. We also believe that, it will be difficult to establish an attractive second hand market for our own apartments until most of the new apartments have been sold.

We have, however, noted with concern, that a large number of owners does not respect the present modification guidelines and also that it has been proposed to start costly legal proceedings against those owners.

Internal disagreements between the owners and ongoing court cases against many of them could be detrimental to our efforts to create the golf paradise we want, attractive to new buyers. We may add that we already have been contacted by buyers holding back, worried about Polaris ability to meet with their guarantee responsibilities.

Based on this, we, a group of owners, have taken the initiative to have a critical look at our present property modification guidelines in order to bring these in line what most of the owners can accept and respect. We have also been in contact with presidents and other representatives from the other Polaris resorts. They had at the start the same articles, and they have now up to 5 years longer experience than us, in finding the right balance between the individual owner´s wishes and the esthetic demands. We have also inspected the modifications made at the other Polaris resorts and have found few or any modifications made that gives us cause for alarm. With the changes suggested below our modification guidelines will be consequently more in line with the other resorts.

Suggested changes

Terraces and balconies

It should be permitted to expand the present pergolas over the uncovered part of the balconies with the same style and type as the existing ones. (Today aluminum structures are approved, but that should in the future preferably be avoided of esthetic reasons.)
It should also be permitted to install the same style of pergolas on the roof terraces.
Wooden roof over the pergolas should be approved of the same style and color as the existing roofs over staircase-pergolas.
Marquises or retractable owning under the pergolas should be off-white.

It should be permitted to install sliding or foldable glass walls on the balconies or terraces for weather protection. Fixed windows and other permanent enclosures of balconies and terraces are not permitted. It is further more not allowed to remove existing windows, walls and other boundaries of the apartment as this will be considered as an enlargement of the living area of the apartment.

Minor modifications
It should be permitted to make minor modifications inside the balconies and terraces as long as it has no affects of the outside facade esthetics.

Golf security nets

Golf security nets will not been installed without the approval of the effected owners.

Modification Committee

The President should appoint a Modification Committee with the following duties:

-          Consider suggested modifications from owners which are deviating from the existing guidelines
-          Give advice to individual owners planning modifications
-          Recommending new guidelines or adjustments of the existing ones to the President and the general meetings
-          Follow up modifications already made


-          Modification plans should be reported to Mare Nostrum before work commences. Deposit must be paid.
-          Mare Nostrum will refer modifications outside the approved guidelines to the Modification Committee for approval and/or adjustment.
-          Each individual owner is responsible for obtaining necessary building permits from the Community. He is fully responsible for the consequences of not obtaining such approval. Reports to Mare Nostrum and/or consultations with the Modification Committee should not be considered as an approval towards the authorities.
-          All modifications should follow the existing esthetics, material and colors.
-          Each owner is personally responsible for any damages, leakages and other mistakes made by his builder.
-          Modifications resulting in inconveniences to owners´ closest neighbors will not be approved regardless of the modification guidelines.

Mar Menor II 2010-03-05

Olav Lunde                            Torsten Cegrell                       Joachim Mueller
The ad hoc (temporarily) Modification Committee, representing a large number of owners

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